ANSYS & HakoBio: a new era for your air flow simulation

News / 14.04.2017

Designing your bioprocess and simulating the airflow inside is simpler and more intuitive than ever before.

Join us at Wavre (Belgium) at the ANSYS workshop: Using Numerical Simulation for Bioproduction Processes on the 20th of April. And see how all of this is possible:

ANSYS is a global leader in engineering simulation software and developed Fluent, a CFD software that enables users to accurately simulate the air flow distribution inside a cleanroom. It allows users to virtually asses the air flow to predict the potential necessary spatial reorganization. It decreases by 10 the cost of simulation and reduces the analysis time to a few minutes, making it affordable for SMEs and universities.

As part of our collaboration with ANSYS, we will be unveiling how we are collaborating to integrate both ANSYS and HakoBio platforms. We are working on it to offer you a fully integrated and hyper-intuitive app to simulate your air flows on our platform in just a few clicks - as always with HakoBio.

If you cannot or could not attend the ANSYS workshop on the 20th of April, don't worry, we are always available to discuss this. Feel free to contact us!