Discover our new features - Manual Shaping, First-Person View and Project Report

News / 24.10.2018

With every new feature, the design and exploitation of bioprocess digital twins is becoming more and more intuitive. Check out these new features on HakoBio to unlock the full potential of your production process. Try out our new features here.

First-Person View

Navigating your process in the easiest way possible. The FPV allows you to explore your designed process from a realistic standpoint, without needing any external devices.

Manual Shaping

Process design has become more customized than it ever was. Manual shaping is here to give you freedom with your designs to customize the most optimized process for your production. 

Project Report

The new project report now automatically generates insights about your process. Customize the report to get all the information you need on equipment, footprint and the process in general. All in one click. 

For more information or help on any feature, don't hesitate to consult our Help Center.