How digital twins facilitate access to the factory of tomorrow - Webinar July 7

Webinar / 19.06.2020

Join us with Pall Biotech during a webinar where we will discuss through a real-life case study how the 3D digital twin simplifies conceptual design of new facilities by accelerating decisions and reducing errors.

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  • Nicolas Vertommen, Co-Founder of OUAT!
  • Nicole Fontourcy, Global Technical Marketing Manager, Pall Biotech

Establishing a new single-use production unit in the biopharmaceutical industry is synonymous with many challenges: operational and production planning, flow simulation in controlled areas, selection and integration of the most efficient equipment, ergonomics, etc... In a context where anticipation and projection are key to the success of the project, digital tools offer more than ever first-class solutions, from pre-conception to construction.

For the implementation of customers' new bioproduction units, Pall Biotech is using HakoBio for the creation and exploitation of the facilities digital twins to simplify and visualize the conceptual design. Through this webinar we will present real-life success stories, and how the exploitation of digital twins by virtual and augmented reality technologies make it possible to anticipate and accelerate facility design. We will also highlight the future perspectives offered by these technologies throughout the life cycle of the industrial system, from planning to operations, maintenance and training.

During this presentation, you will learn:

  • What are the challenges in the biopharmaceutical indsutry leading to process digitalization?
  • How have digital technologies been been integrated within Pall processes and their added value?
  • What are the perspectives of digital technologies for the factory of the future and Pall vision towards industry 4.0?

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