Process design has never been so visual!

News / 18.06.2020

Check out this case study of a Pall Biotech and Servier collaboration using 3D visualization and digital twin technologies to optimize process design and implementation. 

To anticipate construction errors and risks, check out here how Pall Biotech accompanied Laboratoires Servier in the design and implementation of their new biomanufacturing facility using the facility's digital twin and virtual reality.

"... decisions were made more quickly and earlier in the design process, avoiding potentially costly issues later and accelerating construction of both processes and facilities.".

An insightful article by Pall Biotech detailing their collaboration with Servier on the use of HakoBio and how the digital twin technology was used to identify bottlenecks in the design and test out different configurations. HakoBio's virtual reality application was also used to get immersed into the future facility and assess the ergonomics and the space of the facility.

Dive into the article to find out how these digital technologies allowed Servier to anticipate future construction risks and errors.

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